Win a Trip To Las Vegas

The New Hampshire Lottery will conduct three (3) Second Chance Drawings during the sales period of the game. In each of the Second Chance Drawings, the Lottery will select:

One (1) JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge Trip Winner

JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge trip winners will be notified by the Lottery and must complete a claim form. The prizes are subject to applicable taxes and withholdings. The Trip Prize Package, valued at $7,500.00, will have an estimated federal withholding tax of $1,800.00, which will be paid on the Prizewinner’s behalf and an IRS Tax Form W-2G will be provided. Any other taxes and withholdings are the responsibility of the Prizewinner. The Prizewinner may not choose to receive the cash equivalent of the trip portion of the Trip Prize.

The Trip Prize is a five-day, four-night trip for the prizewinner (“Prizewinner") and one (1) guest to Las Vegas, Nevada to occur on or about Spring 2021 (subject to change).


Roundtrip coach airfare for two (2) people from any U.S. International airport to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas (inclusive of all associated security fees, taxes and surcharges);

Ground transfers between McCarran International Airport and the destination hotel and between MDI hosted events;

Accommodations of one (1) 4-star or better hotel room for four (4) nights (double occupancy, room and room tax only);

One thousand dollars ($1,000) spending money for the Prizewinner provided two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled trip departure date.

Admission to the JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge (the “LOTTERY CHALLENGE”) for the Prizewinner and guest, and the Prizewinner and/or designated proxy shall have one (1) chance to participate in four (4) rounds of the LOTTERY CHALLENGE to win a cash prize up to one million dollars ($1,000,000) or more. In addition, the Prizewinner or designated proxy shall participate in a Bonus Event, to win a bonus cash prize up to one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) as further described in the JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge Contest Details.

A Prizewinner’s guest may sit with the Prizewinner but will not be eligible to be a participant in the LOTTERY CHALLENGE unless the guest has been designated as the Prizewinner’s proxy.


You must be 21 or older to participate in the LOTTERY CHALLENGE event. State of Nevada rules for certain venues in Las Vegas prohibit persons under 21 to enter their facilities unless accompanied by a person 21 years or older;

If the Prizewinner is under the age of 21, he or she must pre-designate a proxy who is 21 years of age or older to play the LOTTERY CHALLENGE on his or her behalf. The Prizewinner shall receive any cash prizes(s) won by the proxy on the LOTTERY CHALLENGE (less applicable tax withholdings);

In the event that the Prizewinner does not designate a proxy and a proxy is necessary for Prizewinner to participate in the LOTTERY CHALLENGE on his or her behalf, for any reason whatsoever, MDI or the Lottery will appoint a proxy to play the LOTTERY CHALLENGE on his or her behalf. The Prizewinner acknowledges that the Proxy appointed by MDI or the Lottery will have to make decisions on behalf of the Prizewinner and therefore, the Prizewinner delegates the power, authority or discretion to the proxy appointed by MDI or the Lottery to make any such decisions on the Prizewinner’s behalf. The Prizewinner shall receive any cash prize(s) won by MDI or Lottery in the role of Prizewinner’s proxy in the LOTTERY CHALLENGE (less applicable tax withholdings); and if the Prizewinner elects to appoint his or her own proxy, that proxy cannot be modified or changed by the Prizewinner. If the proxy appointed by the Prizewinner is revoked or unable to serve, for any reason whatsoever, a substitute proxy shall be appointed by MDI;

Any Prizewinner under the age of 21 may attend the LOTTERY CHALLENGE if accompanied by his or her designated proxy into the State of Nevada and at all times throughout the trip;

Neither MDI nor the Lottery are responsible for the actions of any Prizewinner guest. If the Prizewinner’s guest is a minor, the Prizewinner must (A) be the parent or legal guardian of such guest, or (B) must present a notarized, written consent from the minor’s parent or legal guardian for the minor guest to accompany the Prizewinner on the Trip Prize;

Prizewinners and guests shall be required to comply with the Department of Homeland Security’s REAL ID program and all other programs to attend the event. For more information, please see:;

The Lottery acknowledges and agrees that each Prizewinner and their guest are subject to a background investigation prior to the event; and

Prizewinners will be mailed the official, detailed rules of the LOTTERY CHALLENGE prior to their departure.

The JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge is administered by MDI Entertainment, LLC and Scientific Games International, Inc. Any questions regarding the JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge, including questions regarding the assignment of proxies, prize payments, and tax liability or withholding for cash prizes, should be directed by MDI Entertainment, LLC at 1-800-201-0108. Participation in the JAMES BOND Lottery Challenge may be subject to other local, state, and federal laws, including the laws of the State of Nevada.